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problem whilst playing outing

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:41 pm
by badger040
whilst playing this wonderful game i experienced a problem that i cannot resolve so any help would be most appreciated
i am working thru the fish list and visit each add on outing as required
i do this by extracting the contents of the folder into outings and play until i have caught what i need.then i repeat this until i have finished playing for the day.
yesterday,whilst carrying out the extraction process the appropriate subfolders were no longer showing.
at first i thought it was my eye sight,but no,they were not there.
i looked in the recycle bin to see if i had hit a wrong button and whilst deleting previous outing,deleted the lot.
as i do not empty my recycle bin i was confident that if i had done that then i could easily repair the damage.
i did what i thought was the right thing and hit the restore button
all i got back was v125 of the game
v128 update download
and a score log with only a few fish showing.
is there anyway of restoring the game to the point where i lost the info
sorry for being so long winded badger040

Re: problem whilst playing outing

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:53 am
by Yellowstone7
Hi Badger:

Sorry to hear you are having problems restoring your RWFF settings. Boy, this is a good one! :P I gathered from talking to you on Chat the other night you are using XP. It has been a while since I was on my XP machine but here I will try to help you "restore" your files to the point in time that you want. So bear with me.

I gathered from what you said you "restored" the files that you had deleted from the Recycle Bin. Am I correct? Often times this does not work as it restores "eveything" that you had deleted over time. :oops:

Ok, if that is the case there is still hope. :P I will try to walk you through and show you how to do a "system restore" to the point in time, just before you lost your records and files. XP has a feature built into the OS called "system restore". By default the XP system makes a daily "system restore point" automatically. The system does this and also sets a restore point when it detects software changes, also automatically. Now the trick is to find the "system restore" points on your computer, and there you can see the dates that the automatic "system restore" points are set via a simple calendar. Pick the day that you still had all the files in RWFF and try to perform a system restore to that date. Since you don't seem the type to mess around with the Windows registry and other important Windows files there is a good chance that this will work for you. :P

Wished I had a XP machine here but short of that, this is what I remembered:

1)Click the Windows button on your desktop, the one with the colorful Microsoft flag and extreme left on the bottom Windows tool bar once, bring up the start menu and point to "All Programs".

2)Click on All Programs and you will see many choices, scroll down to where you find "Accessories".

3) Click on "Accessories" and bring up a menu list. Then try to find "system tools", click on that you and you will be given another menu to choose from. Scroll down about 2/3 of the way and you will see an icon called "System Restore". That is the one you want to find!

4) Right click on that icon and choose to save the shortcut to your desktop on the context menu. It might say "send to desktop". Now you have a desktop shortcut of "system restore". You do this so you can access the System Restore later when you need to do it another time.

5) Click on the system restore icon you saved on your desktop and this will open up the system restore program for you. You will see a couple of choices: "restore your computer to an earlier time", and "create a restore point". I am not sure of the exact wording but this is the guise of it. Choose "restore your computer to an earlier time", and click ok.

6)This will bring up a calendar showing all the dates and restore points available on your computer. Now choose the one that worked for you (when you had all the RWFF files) and confirm you want to go back to that date. The system will restore the files and settings, the computer will restart and boot up again. This will take a little while to do. Be patient. 8)

7) Then the system boots up, checks the files and if it is okay, it will tell you that your computer has been restore to the date and point that you specified. Hopefully all your RWFF and records are there now. If Windows for some reason, was not able to perform the restore process. It will tell you that Windows cannot restore the computer, for you to try another restore point, and that nothing has changed on your system.

Hope this helps. It is hard to do this by text and long distance. (In reality all this takes about 7-8 clicks on the computer to do! :lol: ) If you have someone around you who knows XP system and can perform a "system restore" for you that would be ideal. If not, try it and come back if you have problems.

Here you will find a link to Microsoft on "how to perform XP system restore" that you might find helpful!

Please let us know if this resolved your problems. Good Luck!



Re: problem whilst playing outing

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:06 pm
by badger040
hi all
if you have read the reply from yellowstone7
all i can say is this,
dont feel afraid or even a little foolish for asking for help.
i would even go so far as to say
his help has saved my sanity
once again
thanx to yellowstone7
quickly becoming my hero.

Re: problem whilst playing outing

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:14 am
by Yellowstone7
Hi Badger and Everyone:

WOW! Thanks for your kind words and you are most welcome, Badger, but most of all, we are glad you got your problem resolved and you are fishing again. Like we say at the RWFF forum, the only thing that will keep you from your RWFF virtual fishing is a power outage!! :P Who knows, some of you might even have a portable electric generator for that purpose. That is just how dedicated (some call it crazy!) we are. :lol:

When I was a newbie myself I received plenty of patient and competent help from fellow members like Geraldro, Richard, Paul, Barns and last but not least, Martin (Scottish Warrior) who taught me the basics of outing creation. These people always responded to my questions instantly and positively. Don't know why but some people are shy by nature and are reluctant to ask questions when they encounter problems with RWFF installation, usage, etc. The "PM" feature and the CHAT tool is a great feature of our Forum. There you will receive instant help from someone almost 24/7. It is also a great place to meet and talk to some very nice and knowledgeable people who live around the world and they all have something in common, the love for flyfishing, both virtual and the real kind. So give that a try some evening when you have not done so already.

Great talking to you and looking forward to seeing some of your catches and fishing success in the near future! Now that Richard is finished with his 100th fish we can keep him busy by sending him a ton of fish records to post in the Club House!! :lol:

Have a great day and check in with us often!


Stanley (Yellowstone7)