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Game quits

Postby jarod » Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:23 pm

Game shutdown
I have the downloaded Real World Fly Fishing 3rd edition. Let me I absolutely enjoy playing this game. However the game has never been reliable and I have spent hours troubleshooting and can not improve the game. My major issue is the game shuts down usually after I catch a fish, and the periodic 5 second black screen which increases in regularity until the game quits.
What have I tried? I have completely removed the game. I have downloaded the game again using normal means and again using the download accelerator and reinstalled both. I did not notice any difference or variance in game play between either install. The games still quit after catching fish. I did notice that after the update to 1.25 the problem is worse, so I am not using the updated version for this reason, which sucks because I really like the updated fly box.
My question is does anyone know if there are any problems with the installer program? Also I have downloaded flies, food, ect.. so it shuts when I look at fish records and the like. Any suggestions?

My computer is pretty solid this is the only game that has given me problems.
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Re: Game quits

Postby richwest » Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:23 pm


First of all, welcome to our forum.

Are you running under Vista?
If so, you have to install the game manually, and not by default.
You should create a folder in the root of your harddisc and not in your user-folder.
for example C:\jarod\Pishtech\Real World Fly Fishing

Hope this will help for you, if not please check in again and we will try to help you out.

Regards Richard
RWFF Clubhouse Manager
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Re: Game quits

Postby jarod » Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:02 am

Thanks for the greeting, this is a very cool forum. Recently, downloaded a new outing, too bad I can not seem to get the program to run. I am running windows XP Professional. I went ahead and downloaded updates 1.23,1.24,and 1.25. The shutdowns are worse. For the first time the shutdowns occur while fighting fish. I downloaded and installed the updates in order, should I do it in a different order? The program is in my root C:\Program Files\PishTech\Real World Fly Fishing. I think the installer program defaults to that. Thanks for the reply.
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Re: Game quits

Postby Barns » Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:04 am

Hi Jarod

Welcome to the RWFF, someone will always try and help to get you catching fish. I have been on holiday and it looks like they have been missing me.
So, to start of, have you downloaded, all fish and food files from library.

When you downloaded Ver 125 did you copy the folders to the right locations, this can cause your problems.Make sure you copy everything that is in V125 that you downloaded even if it looks like a duplicate, if the file is already there it will ask if you want to update it. I discovered one item my Nephew had not copied and this was reason his game was not working.

My nephew bought the game and i spent all day and last night sorting his folders to correct places. His machine is now working. I discovered that some of the buttons had been left in folders and had not been extracted.

Start by checking your folders to make sure everything has been opened correctly to correct folders. ie fish to fish folder, buttons to buttons folder.
Once you have done all of that run the update for v125, when your game starts it will show v125 in bottom right hand corner of screen. This version checks all your folders to make sure no food or fish are missing.

Hope this helps, but if you have any other problems let me know and i or others will try to get you fixed.


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