one might have to be added to our quiver?

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one might have to be added to our quiver?

Postby spadekevin » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:34 pm


Everyone was telling me it was prety slow and from what I saw it was. Took a couple of spin rods as well as spey and single handed rods. I think the spin rods saw the light of day twice before me and the wife decided that they were about as close to real fishing as using dynamite.

It seemed that lots of people were either using soft plastics or bait. We went fly one,all be it egg patterns and streamers. Managed a few nice jacks and one rather epic beast. 27.5lb and 36" long. A true McKenzie High country dolphin.

Took an egg pastern. Sight casting to it with a Tongariro style with a large thingambober indicator. I was demoing the new Sage X rod in a 6# and have to say it was the perfect tool for the job. Handled a heavy rig like that with ease and has amazing lifting power for a 6# rod. Awesome bit of kit. I think the wife has fallen in love with it, so it one might have to be added to our quiver?

Please help.

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Thank you.
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Re: one might have to be added to our quiver?

Postby troutbum32 » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:02 pm

Drifting eggs seems to be the way to go there. You can try using standard nymphing techniques but add some split shot up the line to get it down. you just wanna walk the bank and let it float at the same speed as the river basically.

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