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challenge scores

Postby Carol » Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:55 pm

I'm a newby so maybe I'm just missing the correct location..... BUT.... is there a place to compare "Challenge" scores?? Or do I just try to be content comparing mine to others playing from my computer... family members.... they aren't quite as experienced as I and no real contest! Anyway, its hard to know if my score is a good one when I can't see what others are getting! Thanks
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Re: challenge scores

Postby richwest » Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:22 pm


Welcome to our fishing community.

Unfotunately we do not keep records on challenges but we keep records on species, it's to be found at our RWFF Clubhouse, of which I'm the manager.
Keeping records on challenges inherrits too much work on decoding and so on.

The species highscorelist is found at following location:

If you want to send your scores for addition to the highscorelist, you can copy the specific lines, including the code from the "score_log"file from the root of the Real World Fly Fishing folder and send these to me by PM or by E-mail;

Example: Fish: 35.44 inch StripedBass from Sw Fuerteventura Spain; Code: EKQWRGVOFYISUWGQDUWBNFVHJLQGDBUBIDYGJTQEPM

Hope to see some of your scores soon!

Regards Richard
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