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Postby parkerman » Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:24 pm

Any thought of releasing RWFF as a WiiWare? WiiWare is being promoted as an avenue for developers with small budgets to release innovative, original, and smaller-scale games without the cost and risk of creating a title to be sold at retail. I'm eager for a fly fishing game for the wii, especially as winter is setting in...
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Re: WiiWare

Postby paul » Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:48 pm

I love the idea, but Nintendo has requirements about building security for any site where their development kit will be used, and those are requirements I just can't meet. The cost of the development kit itself is reasonable, so site security is really the only roadblock.

But some better news: The Stix controllers are looking very promising. GoLive2 makes controllers very similar to the Wiimote but with a USB connection for PCs. Don't be fooled by bad reviews that are based on playing simple web games. The device itself performs very well once a game has directly integrated support for it. At this time I've got RWFF very playable with the Stix controller using a pre-release of the manufacturers SDK. I'm just waiting for the general release of their software to officially support Stix controllers in Real World Fly Fishing. I'll probably do a little more tuning of the casting physics to make the most of the controller, but the end result will be the functionality of the Wiimote combined with the high-res graphics of the PC.

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