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Pishtech news

Postby paul » Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:15 pm

I posted about some of this last week before our web host had a major crash and lost some recent postings. (I'm looking into a dedicated hosting service that would be more reliable and have much faster recovery time in the event of a hardware crash.)

The new game will be called VR Sportfishing, and I've just setup a new section on the forum for discussion of that game. The VR is for Virtual Reality, and the game supports the Vuzix VR920 virtual reality display. I'll post some more news about that game on that forum, including a request for beta testers.

For RWFF I'll be adding support for Stix controllers as soon as the developers kit is available. The Stix controllers are very similar to the Wii remote. It's a wireless controller that responds to your movements, so you'll be able to cast by moving the controller like the handle of a fly rod. I believe their entry-level product (the Stix 200) will make a good controller for the game. I'll have to see what the 400 model can do and see the developers kit before I'll know whether it will be significantly better for simluated fly fishing.

I also posted the other day to ask what people would think about either a new full 3D fly fishing game or a fourth edition of RWFF with new outings and support for the virtual reality displays. The response was solidly in favor of a new 3D fly fishing game. I can now say that will be my next major project. Before I start on that however I'll get an update to RWFF out with some custom control over fly boxes and probably a feature to let you select outings by fish species, so if you want to catch rainbow trout one day you can see just the outings that have them. And before that I've got to finish VR Sportfishing. That's still on track for release in December. Check out that section of the forum for more news and details about the game.

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