Canadian stillwater experience

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Canadian stillwater experience

Postby oxquo » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:50 pm

This was the first year We adapted to trout in the prairies and thanks to Manitoba's Fly fishing club it was a huge success. There are so many varieties in the Duck Mountain park region We set out to catch them all, We failed hahaha. I got stuck on the Tiger Trout a brookie/brown cross what an intense scrap, I had My best on from shore after a day in the water and i was cleaning My line when this monster took off with My Green and black crystal bugger or as is called here the Tokaryk special. With its dorsal clean out of the water it ran me straight into My backing until it hit freedom as my line was wrapped around a log at My feet. I dream of this fish today. The tigers in there are C&R so they have reached 28" and better and what a scrap. The lake is Twin Lakes just across the Manitoba Saskatchewan border. The park is stocked well with everything from arctic char and lakers down to Smallmouth bass and Muskies. There is another Saskatchewan lake that We use to fish that has accidentally become a trout hotspot. Lake Diefenbaker. This is a resevoir near Saskatoon. It all started years ago when someone sabotaged a fish farmers nets letting his little rainbows out. Since then His farm has a contract to directly stock this giant lake. On June 5th 2007 the record was pulled out at 43 pounds and 6 oz. Not a bad rainbow I'd say. . My first brookie came from a tiny pothole lake in Manitoba that is spring fed. This is a boreal forest lake in the midst of the prairies and one could nearly cast across it. With the thick tree line right in the water We found it a challenge to get to the big guys but We know they are in there. The Flipper project has done a great management job in Manitoba and fish are stocked at 100 fish per acre trout limits are 1 per day between 9 and 18", Roblin Manitoba has 2 lakes right in town where 55 adult bows and browns are stocked every year and though I fished it enough just to learn the lake for next year I know My trophy is yet to come there. The problem there is the mass amounts of perch that get to the fly before the trout do, even topwater yields 80-100 perch per day. The campground lights are on 24/7 and in the spring I noticed the trout come in to feed at night, good for next year. Another lake We are dying to fish is where the almost brookie world record came from. The monster was released so the record cannot stand, things have to change around here in this respect. Many people felt that it likely died soon after release anyways but catch and release has to account for a World record or who would support C&R? Many great trophies to be had and the fishing pressure is seemingly low, especially on the C&R lakes. A lot of Our time was spent on Carp and although Ours get no where near the European version, We manage to get the odd wild mirror and commons over 20lbs are the norm. My niece caught a 31.6 lber as her second carp ever though not on the fly, maybe next year. I would love to submit a few lakes to this game but, it seems that the Canadian sizes are too big for it. With lakes like Patterson and Williams hosting browns and bows over 26" almost weekly I'd say it would be too unfair to the other pegs in the game. The saddest part is that Saskatchewan where I live has a lack of respect for angling. A lake 15 minutes away from Our house once hosted a record Tiger Trout and many monster bows and browns, was winter killed because the aerator was run by the town drunk. In Manitoba all flipper members are responsible for aerators and a lake is only killed off when some idiot throws pike in there.

Manitoba records are posted in this link and if I ever get My 30" Tiger I will pursue more trophies.

The amounts of species found are awesome as well, great job Manitoba and thanks for the great fishing this year.
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