The Gallatin River in Montana...A Preview For You

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The Gallatin River in Montana...A Preview For You

Postby Yellowstone7 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:53 pm

Hi Everyone:

A couple of night ago I was looking through my outings library and I found a nice little Montana outing for you. The outing was based on the Gallatin River in Southern Western Montana. Actually there are two Gallatin Rivers in Montana. The East Gallatin River and the West Gallatin River. The one presented here is the East Gallatin Riverwhich runs out of the Yellowstone Park and it is a medium size river, at least by Montana standards. This is a great late Summer stream as when the water gets low most parts of the stream will be accessible by the road and is wadable in many of its stretches. Both locals and visitors love this river and during the Summer months it does get a lot of fishing pressure.

As this outing was done a long time ago you will see that it was done in the 3 frames per cycle format. I did update the original non jumping fish with the latest jumping fish and this really gave some life and excitement o this old outing.

I learned to flyfish in Montana just below a bridge similar to the one that you see in one of the pictures. My first few casts were clumsy as I have never fished with a flyrod before but I did catch a Mountain Whitefish after several casts with my brown colored Woolly Worm. The fish was not very big but after this I was hooked on flyfishing for the rest of my life. This outing brings back some great and fond memories for me and I hope you will all enjoy catching some nice fish native to the great State of Montana in this Gallatin River outing.

I would recommend for you to use light/medium tackle for this outing as the fish are not very big. (maximum size of around 28 inches) I did try to keep the sizes authentic and typical of what you might catch on the Gallatin River during a good day's fishing. I think something like a 9 ft, 5 weight rod and 3-4X leaders will give you the most sport and enjoyment. If you are more adventurous and would like to see the jumping fish fight as they should, you can even use a lighter rod and leaders. Both dry and wet flies are good for this outing so it is your preference.

I will be putting in the finishing touches on this outing during the next couple of nights and should have it ready for your fishing enjoyment by this weekend. :lol:



Some scenes from the Gallatin River outing:




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