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Postby badger040 » Sun May 17, 2015 4:23 pm

hi all
just been to Martin's Bulgaria outings in search of the Zope,making it's debut in this game....
as you will see it didn't come easy
in order of fish caught
image hosting gif
screenshot program
screen cap
photos upload
screenshot on pc
image free hostingImage
take a screenshot
print screen
apologies for the pics,unable to resolve issues with photobucket,i am using a different server to upload pics and have not yet mastered it
if you fish this outing you will have some fun with the variety of species and some pretty scenery.
now back to trying to catch the Jumping Dogtooth Tuna which has eluded me since it's release some months ago.
that will leave just the Silver bream,Redfish2 and the Goliath Grouper to catch....
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Postby rwwalleye » Mon May 18, 2015 1:31 am

Hi Barry,
Your pics look fine, you have some excellent catches. I'm fishing one of the outings out of the Canadian Province list. Will post catches in the next day or two.
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Postby Yellowstone7 » Mon May 18, 2015 5:45 pm

Hi Badger, Roger and Everyone:

It sure looks like we have entered the Dog Days of Summer on RWFF and there has been very little activities going on our Forum. Everybody is probably doing something outside when the weather is nice so a Summer slow down is normal for our Forum. Thanks to Martin for his great outings, and Roger and Badger for fishing them and making some great posts on Forum. At lease this way we have some kind of activity going on. My hat is off to you guys. :P

As for myself, I have not been able to do much for RWFF as I needed to give my troubled eyes a good rest. For the time being I will try to stay away from looking at the computer screen for too long a period and avoid intricate and close work on the computer. My eyes have improved a little over the past two months. When my good Doc gives me the go ahead and I will come back and try to finish up a couple of my outings for you guys to enjoy. :lol:

For the time being, go ahead and enjoy the great Summer weather and do some real fishing when you can. Don't forget to take some pictures of the scenery and caught fish as we can always use those for our future outings.


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