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Sw Your Choice

Postby Scottish Warrior » Sun May 10, 2015 12:35 pm

Hi All,
I have Many Outings to Post in the near future,but I have a Question for you all,
When I post my outings I usually give a summary of which Fish Species are Included in the Outing,
Would you prefer to "Fish Blind" as the saying goes and NOT KNOW which Species are included in each Outing,
But just give the Amount of Species WITHOUT A DESCRIPTION,
Or should I just do as I have done for many Outings???
The Choice is YOURS.
Please Let me know which you prefer before I post my latest Batch in a few days time.
Thank You In Advance,
Tight Lines,
Regards Martin.
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Sw Your Choice

Postby badger040 » Sun May 10, 2015 2:45 pm

hi Martin
and all
my answer to your question is leave the species list in your description
many of you know that when i first came across this fantastic fish sim
i set a personal target of fishing every outing and catching at least 1 of every fish used
obviously,as the outing creator,the final decision will be yours and it will not put me off from fishing any outing posted
it might be worth just stating the maximum size we are likely to encounter as it will make choosing the right tackle before we fish
nobody likes losing fish whether it is virtual or real life fishing
hope fully you will get enough feed back to assist you in making your decision
expectantly awaiting the release of your next batch of outings
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Re: Sw Your Choice

Postby rwwalleye » Sun May 10, 2015 9:49 pm

Hi Martin,
To me, I would just put how many different species are in the outing, that way I know how many species are there and like Badger I try to catch all the species and even if I do before I finish fishing all the sites, I still end up fishing all of the sites in the outing. I always pay close attention to the sounds, the currents and how well the fish fight. When you fish a new place you usually never know all the species that are in those waters unless you do a lot of research before you fish it. You never know all the species unless you fish the area for quite a while. In Monticello we never had muskies until after the big floods in 2008 and 2009. I hope this helps. If someone wants to know all the species included they can always send a personal email to that outing maker requesting them. Roger
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Re: Sw Your Choice

Postby Yellowstone7 » Mon May 11, 2015 9:56 am

Hi Martin and Everyone:

Each outing maker has his own individual style and a concise description of the fish species used has always been a great feature of your outings. For me that is perfect but I really think this is up to you to do what you think is best. I think once in a while it might be nice to publish an outing without any fish description, or like Roger suggests, just the number of species included. This will provide an element of surprise to the person fishing the outing as he won't know what he will be catching. As far as the size of the tackle used, I think you can leave this to the fisher to decide. Some people like to fish light and others like to fish with heavier tackle so if you get broken off by a big fish you will make the necessary adjustments. Just like real fishing, I guess! :lol:

I am sure everyone active on our Forum, visible or not, really appreciates your fine efforts in making those interesting outings. Keep those coming! :lol:


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: Sw Your Choice

Postby Cutch » Mon May 11, 2015 10:36 pm

I'll go along with whatever the majority wants,...I'm easy. 8)
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