my outing creation experience

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my outing creation experience

Postby badger040 » Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:37 pm

hi all
i would like to share my experience with you..
a couple of years ago i came back from a fishing holiday in Tavistock near Devon with a selection of photo's that i thought i could turn into some outings...
i used the 4 part video that Stanley put on Youtube and also downloaded Barn's method.2 different ways of creating an outing.Stanley even assisted via mean feat cosidering the time difference between Hong Kong being some 7hrs(ahead) and the UK.
finally i had something to send Stanley for testing.although the outing worked it crashed thanks to the dreaded"GR".at this point i decided to leave outings creation to the more experienced.
FORWARD 2 years,having caught all but a couple of the fish created and fished all posted outings except the last 2 recently posted by Martin,i decided i would give it another go
following the video's step by step i managed to get as far as the compilation run.
thinking it was something i had or had not done.i went back over and over and restarting numerous times.
after trying everything i could i was at desperation point.not because the outing would not work but because i could not work out why.
i posted my dilemna in the Tech Support on the forum knowing that at some stage someone would read it and offer to help.
no surprise when Stanley contacted me..once again via email he checked what i had done and sent me this
Hi Barry:
I figured out why your outing does not work even with all the correct color values drawn into the lines. The new version of MS Paint that comes with Windows 7 will not work with the RWFF outing building tool because the antialiasing is always on and cannot be disabled. To do outings you will need to use the old version of XP MS Paint without “anti-aliasing”. You can click on this link to download the older version of MS Paint and this will work with outing building.

You can have both versions on your computer if you so desire. Let me know if you have success with this.
well i can tell you how relieved to find it was not "operator error"
i duly downloaded a copy and guess worked.after over a weeks worth of evenings(average 5hrs) i could proceed to the next stage.all went well until i ran the outing tool....the fish did not change...again re-doing,checking correct spelling and size.
zilch nada at this point i sent Stanley an email and the fix was easy.copy paste into fish def in site folder....and yes it works
a bit rough and ready as my main aim was to get a working isn't finished yet but soon i will,hopefully have something for you guys
apologies for the lenghth of this post but i didnt want to leave anything out...
my message to those of you who have thought about having a go is check out the vids by Yellowstone on youtube
if you run into trouble put a post in the Tech Support section of our forum and someone,somewhere in the world will try to help you out
i'm not sure if this warrants a sticky on the forum as it has some usefull information within it.
for now that's my story
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Re: my outing creation experience

Postby Yellowstone7 » Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:10 pm

Hi Badger and Everyone:

Thanks for a most comprehensive post on your personal outing creation experience and I am glad I was able to help you through your first outing creation. While the process of creating outing is a little tedious at times, but it is not all that difficult. The process does have a lot of subtleties and twist and turns which most first timers are not aware of. I thought I did a "decent" job with the 4 part video on outing creation but guess what? They still did not cover all the little fine points. Such as the newer Windows7 MS Paint would not work in RWFF outing creation due to its always on "anti-aliasing" feature and we have to use an older Paint designed for XP systems. :lol: Live and learn, I guess!

Many years ago Paul gave us a fantastic piece of fishing software at a fantastic bargain price. (considering all the great features and addons that the game offered) He also included all the tools and tutorial that one needs to create his own personal outing, and building some special fish for them. This takes the RWFF game out of the plug and play, and then forget and discard category. The free addons also made RWFF into a very immersive game. Some say addictive! It is great fun to re-create some of your favorite fishing haunts and be able to fish them in the comfort of your own home during the off season, usually Winter time. The ability to share ideas and outings is another plus for the RWFF game. We have an excellent forum monitored by helpful and knowledgeable people so even if a newbie wants to re-create his own fishing experience he has some place to go to and ask for help. I think that is pretty cool! :lol:

Badger, congratulations on your first one scene effort. As you worked more with outing creation you will soon get the hang of it and then you can concentrate on creating the outings just the way you want them. I know this will take you a while but we will be looking forward to fishing your very first outing soon. :lol:

Good luck and if you run into any more snags please drop me a line and I will try my best to help you.


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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