Info for Paul's Eastern outing Trip

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Info for Paul's Eastern outing Trip

Postby rwwalleye » Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:47 am

Hi Everyone,
Well I talked to Paul and sent him some info on his first set of Pictures for The Musconetcong River in New Jersey. He liked the info and I told him I would seek the info for each place and post it for anyone who would want to use it to develop the outing, listing fish and hatches and other things that would be helpful in making the outing. Here is the info and Paul is going to send me google maps of certain areas because it would make a difference in the fish listed the hatches that are there. With Paul's improvement on water movement and all the new fish that are being developed, Especially from our main man Stanley and also one of our new found members and friends Zyndrek. Martin's astonishing productions of some excellent outings including our new friends from Poland with some new and excellent outings. Barns has been doing an excellent job of keeping all of our fish files up to date and Martin updated all sound files and put them up to date.
When I first got into RWFF it was a very enjoyable group to get involved with. With things that are always improving to make RWFF the best thing to come on the market and all the freebies from Paul and other members has definitely made this fishing simulator or game, whatever you want to call it, the best on the market. It has gone above and beyond what Paul thought when he first introduced RWFF.
With all the outings and fish and sound files and all the other files. I have used what is saved on my scandisk memory cards form Paul's first outings up to date over 120 GB of info. What can you say all this for the initial price of the original disc of RWFF. I may be missing a few outings from the original 128v not many, but where can somebody complain about fishing, I would believe every country in the world has at least one outing made for it. I'm Thankful to Paul for RWFF and thankful for all the new friends that, I've made from all over the world. You couldn't find a better group of people to be associated with. If the rest of the world would develop the friendship and caring and concern for each other as our group involved in RWFF, this world would be a fabulous place to live in. We even had our friend Cutch come back into RWFF. Roger (Rwwalleye)
Here's the info I wanted to post. Still working on the list. Hope this info will be helpful.
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Re: Info for Paul's Eastern outing Trip

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:35 pm

Hi Roger and Everyone:

Thanks for making a very informative post on Paul's Musconetcong River. A great job and VERY well done. Also very helpful for those outing builders interested in making their outings real. If I had the time it would be a lot of fun to make up some of those food items on the list for our beloved RWFF software. But as you know, the whole of last month has been a very sad and disheartening month for me. To add to all this now we are entering the 7th day of the"Occupy Central" movement in Hong Kong. I am sure some of those who watched the evening news would have had a good glimpse of what is going on in my home city of Hong Kong. There are still thousands of protesters out on the street and the end is nowhere in sight. I just hope this will not end up in serious lost of properties or lives.

Right now I am afraid I won't have the time, or in the mood to do much fish and outing building, so it will be up to you guys to keep the momentum going on RWFF. :P

I know Martin has some great outings built and they are ready for release very shortly. This will help keep things going on the Forum. So keep up the good work and great posts.


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: Info for Paul's Eastern outing Trip

Postby Boston Bob » Fri Oct 10, 2014 9:38 am

Roger: As usual, another great job gathering fish and site info for RWFF.
It is appreciated.
Boston Bob
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