Polish mountain river Sola - Radziechowy Wieprz Next Stage

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Polish mountain river Sola - Radziechowy Wieprz Next Stage

Postby Jyndrek » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:52 pm

Hi Everyone:

Next stage of Outing presenting the beauty of the Polish rivers - I invite you for catching
20 species, including two new ones - wonderfully Shirts Designed by Stanley SPECIAL TO THE OUTING :P THANK YOU STANLEY - Very Good job





Thank you also for your great support Stanley and testing of on an ongoing basis of my job, and behold, the effects .

Stanley the trophies :P BRAVO!





Recommended set is ; rod 4/5 wt leader 6x - Yesterday after encryption, yet I tested in the version 133 Beginner level -
a set of rod 5WT / 8'lt and leader 5x / 8 'I managed to to catch Pike - tow the lasted for more than 50 minutes already was hurting me hand from the pumping the rod and the finger of coiling Fly Line :P BUT HAVING FUN :lol:


Fish: 32.75 inch Jumping Pike from J.A. Sola - Radziechowy Wieprz; Code: VHZBLLRBVFBJ1049QFRCRSQTXKKOTPSENQHCSFQRNZRKYLNZQKSFCLRYDZDPU

Which shows that there are fish and WELCOME TO of fishing - of breaking the virtual flyrod :P

Regards All;

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Re: Polish mountain river Sola - Radziechowy Wieprz Next Stage

Postby Yellowstone7 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:58 pm

Hi Jyndrek and Everyone:

Thanks for the kind words, Jyndrek. I really enjoyed building those new fish species for you and your friends in Poland. I did a lot of testing for Jyndrek during his outing building. I must say I am very impressed with his dedication, exactness and a great eye for details. All this add up to building great outings with the tools that we have availble.

When you download and try out Jyndrek's new outing (his second), you will be impressed by how far he has come along in outing making. The water flow is superb, the current flowing at the right speed indicated by the floating food items. There are nice variations in the scenes. some slower and smoother water, then a couple of rapids to make fishing very interesting. He is turning out to be a "many" fish guy like our Martin. That is a unique style of building outings and that is great. Someone once said, "variety is the spice of life", you will certainly find a good variety of fish in Jyndrek's latest offering. 20 different fish species in all. WOW. Badger likes to catch all different kinds of fish and he should be in heaven with this outing. :lol:

I do this personally, and I always suggest to our outing builders that they should suggest the right size tackle for the particular outing in order for everyone to derive the maximum pleasure from his fishing experience. If your tackle is too big for the fish in the outing they will not be able to give you a good and realistic fight. If you fished too light some fish might just break you off or clean you out and end up hanging on the right side of the screen. If the outing maker has not suggested the tackle size for you. You can spend a few minutes experiment with different size tackle and you will soon find the ideal combination that will give you both sport and realism.

Please give Jyndrek's new outing a try. I think you will have a great fishing experience! :lol:


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