Brown and Brook Trout Sizes Update

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Brown and Brook Trout Sizes Update

Postby Scottish Warrior » Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:51 am

Hi All,
After quite a few e-mails flying to and from The RWFF Committee and Brian's (Barnsie)Input,I think all of us have come to a Compromise of sorts,
The Sizes for the Brown Trout shall be put in a Sticky on the Development Forum and it will then be down to the Discretion of the Outing Builder to decide
if the New Sizes would be appropriate for the Outing the Creator is building,and where the Outing is Located,
NO ONE wants to Offend Anyone or Cause Utter Chaos In Our Beloved Game.
Things have to change,as the Clubhouse,which in it's own right,is brilliant,does not have to be updated to the extent that it would require a full revamp,
All we are talking about is a few Fish Sizes,which by looking at other Fish Sizing Sites are Out of Date in the Clubhouse.
Brian has already stated that he will keep the Original Sizes in Outings he may build in the future,as he thinks it unlikely that he would ever catch a 39" Brown Trout or a 55" Sea Run Brown Trout
or a Brook Trout of 25" in the waters where he Fishes in True Life and builds great Outings from photos taken at the location,that is the option that would be available to All Outing Builders.
I think we have taken this subject as far as it should be taken and the Sizes for the Brown and Brook Trout should be Updated in a Sticky for ALL MEMBERS TO SEE
and Outing Creators can then make the Decision on which Sizes to implement in the Outing they are Creating,Based on the Location.
This update to THESE TWO FISH SIZES,Should be IMPLEMENTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,and further Fish Sizes which are Out Of Date,agreed upon and given the same treatment
to keep Our Game as a" FUN PLACE TO FISH" but with still a High Degree of Competition when required.
That is my take on this and I will say no more on the subject but hope that Common Sense will Prevail.
Tight Lines To All,
Highest Regards,
Martin aka Scottish Warrior.
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Brown and Brook Trout Sizes Update

Postby Yellowstone7 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:25 am

Hi Martin and Everyone:

I think the "Sticky" to update fish sizes is a great idea. That way our members will see the maximum size of fish, and also very convenient for the outing makers to check the fish sizes in their new outing.

I think there has been enough discussion on this already. Please implement the "Sticky" and we will all benefit from it. :lol:



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