New Jumping Roach For Jyndrek, Savi and Wojtek

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New Jumping Roach For Jyndrek, Savi and Wojtek

Postby Yellowstone7 » Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:38 pm

Hi Hyndrek, Savi, Wojtek and Everyone:

Now that the World Cup is over we can return to our normal life again. :P I was rooting for Argentina as I lived there when I was a child but the German had the better team and they deserved to win. The last goal of the World Cup was world class and beautifully executed. What can I say?

I wish to thank Jyndrek for uploading a live lake aquarium for all of us to see. As a fish and fishing lover it is hard not to check on the website once in a while during the course of the day. After watching the live action in this lake, it prompted me to redo the Jumping Roach files as the original one, although artistic and the fish had a wonderful purplish patina to the skin, did not reflect what I saw in the life aquarium. Tonight I set out to do a new version of the Jumping Roach with the proper silvery blue sheen on its skin and here are the results.





Now it looks a lot more like the silvery fish in the river and ponds. :P


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Re: New Jumping Roach For Jyndrek, Savi and Wojtek

Postby Jyndrek » Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:35 am

Hi Stanley , Hi Everyone ;

Yes, the championship is over, it will be possible to get some sleep :P . Especially in Asian Countries where matches were broadcast in the the dead of night. In Poland to start at around 17.00 to 21.00.
It's good that the fish live like them, although the behavior is not entirely natural because they are feeding of.
Roach(Ploc) came out great and BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU :lol: , This in Polish waters of the ubiquitous fish from mountain rivers to the lakes, wild ponds.
Since lives in the of various environments, has several shades of in particular the ridge which is a olive at different saturation. ... 82&bih=812
additionally has a very similar to himself cousin Rudd (Wzdrega) ... =812&dpr=1
but it rudd fish is typically of lake
Roach ... =0&ndsp=19 & Rudd ... =0&ndsp=19

Regard All

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