Wojtek's First Outing...Kwisa River Uploaded

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Wojtek's First Outing...Kwisa River Uploaded

Postby Yellowstone7 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:54 am

Hi Everyone:

Wojtek, our new member from Poland, just uploaded his beautiful 6 scene outing based on the Kwisa River in Poland. As Wojtek used to create outings for FS2, I had no doubt that he would be able to create outings for RWFF. However, I didn't quite expect him to be able to produce such a great outing in his first attempt, and in such a short time. Truly Amazing to me. :lol:

If you have not done so already, please go over to the Development Forum and download the River Kwisa. The scenes are beautiful and the fishing is great. For his first outing, Wojtek used the two new fish that I created for him...the Cardinal Grayling and the Hucho Glowatka. The Grayling is a beautiful fish to catch in any outing and the Hucho is a river monster of sorts. Jyndrek told me in Poland the Hucho is a much admired fish although it is seldom caught in real fishing. It has the same iconic stature as the Giant Tigerfish, the Golden Dorado and the beautiful Butterfly Peacock Bass. There are all kinds of stories about broken flyrods and tired anglers as this fish can reach 59 inches in length and can weight as much as 110 lbs! Imaging hooking into one of these giant fish with your normal trout rod? WOW!

Thanks to virtual fishing and RWFF (and Wojtek of course), now you will have a chance to hook into one of these strong jumping monsters from the comfort of your own chair. Be warn though, I wouldn't go after this fish with light tackle as it will strip you right down to the backing in the first run and will leave you speechless and probably swearing a little.

I want to congratulate Wojtek for this outstanding achievement. We have two first here. Our first RWFF outing from Poland created by a Polish member, and a record breaking time for learning to make an outing for RWFF from scratch! :lol:


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