Rio Parana Outing Challenge Scores

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Re: Rio Parana Outing Challenge Scores

Postby Jyndrek » Sat May 10, 2014 7:15 am

Hi Roger ,

I Thank You Very Much Roger for work in the verification of the tournament and for welcoming me to the honorable among VFFL :P


Regards, :P

Andrzej (Jyndrek)
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Re: Rio Parana Outing Challenge Scores

Postby Barns » Sat May 10, 2014 2:35 pm

Hi all crazy fishers,

Thanks go to Stanley and Roger, excellent mini tourney.

Never seen forum so excited again. Maybe we should have more of these mini tourney's , forget prizes just fishing against each other for fun. I have been away so long it took me a while to get back into swing of things. I had set a target of matching Badger's scores, but every time i got ahead of him some damn fish ran of screen. As in real life these things happen where fish take off and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Congratulations also go to our newest member Jyndrek who has caught on very quickly, it won't be me you will have to worry about in future. :roll: But just keep an eye out for a late post . :lol:

Good to see even our own Scottish Warrior posting from the Philipines, just go to show how dedicated our members are.

And congratulations goes to my old mate Bob, just goes to prove anyone who takes their time with these big fish can come up with a winning score.

To top it all off , i spent remainder of time creating new outing just to keep everyone on their toes, just doing finishing touches. Roger you can get out your big rod again, going to need it.

All the best

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Re: Rio Parana Outing Challenge Scores

Postby Boston Bob » Sat May 10, 2014 2:58 pm

Barnes & everyone: I agree this was a great mini tournament. I enjoyed fishing again with my old buddies
and newcomer, Jyndrek. We will have to watch out for him in the future, he is a quick learner.

Having the forum humming again with activity is heart warming. I am not only the oldest RWFF
member by age but the only active member from the first page of members. I joined in Dec. 2006.

This mini tourney brought back memories of the glory days of RWFF when we had many members
taking active roles in its growth. With this dedicated crew we now have: Scottish Warrior, Stanley,
Roger, Barry, Barnes, Jyndrek, Doc, Chuck, myself and others we can move forward and have fun with this game.

Like Barnes said fishing against friends is fun. I hope more people join in the next mini tourney.
Don't be bashful, we'll help you out if you ask.

My best to all and if I forgot someone's name above its the old age creeping in LOL...
Boston Bob
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