Someone is peeking in....

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Someone is peeking in....

Postby wyldechylde77 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:09 am

Hi guys!!

I know, who is this guy right? LOL!! I just thought I'd check in on you guys and make sure all is well. I see we have some returns as well, and Martin is still churning out the outings! Wouldn't have it any other way!
Sadly, I wish I could say "Yay, I'm back to fishing RWFF! WOO-WHOO!", but I cannot. Still no computer, still only my phone here. I really miss creating outings for you guys, and eagerly awaiting and working with Stanley on new fish species. God, so many ideas are stored in this ever-working brain of mine, yet nothing can be done about it. Was really looking forward to the male/female species idea Stanley and I were throwing around, and he certainly made some incredible representations! Before my computer met its demise, I was working on an outing from the Klamath River, OR, in part as a tribute to my good friend (and friend to you) Mr. John McCutcheon, otherwise known as Cutch. I know he was also looking forward to it, since I had to grill him so heavily about the species found there. I was also working on a nice little Summer-themed outing, based on the terrific Smallmouth Bass fishing here in the Genesee River, NY. Was going to be Smallmouth-heavy, not as heavy as the Sockeye-only Adams River, BC, but close to it as the majority of the fish would of been Smallies. Oh well. Sometime soon I hope.
On the real world fishing front, as you all know it is the dead of Winter here, and Buffalo is well-known for its snowfall. This is one of those years for sure. We've even had a blizzard here in early January, with temps topping out only in the zero to sub-zero ranges. If I was into ice fishing, I'd be happy since there is 14 inches of ice in and around the Lake Erie harbors. Still, spring is coming and that means the spring Steelhead runs will be happening along with other species spawning and coming out of their winter slumbers. You guys wanna laugh? Yes, you have all created a monster LOL. I now have 4 fly rods, a 7/8WT, 5/6wt, 9wt, and a 4wt. Also looking into going lighter, such as a 2 or 3 wt but in a fiberglass rod, not graphite. Looking at a short one, like 5'9", or 6'6" to fish the Brook Trout and Rainbows in the creek out in Great Valley. Give em something a little different ;) And also, ever since I learned how to tie flies, I have filled up 2 fly boxes, ranging from large streamers and poppers to tiny midges and scuds. Fly tying has been incredible, and has really helped pass this brutal winter along. I am still learning of course as I still make mistakes, but I cannot wait to try this spring to catch fish on my own homemade flies. Stanley, I am forever in your debt for getting me going there buddy. Now, don't get me wrong. Remember, I am an all-around fisherman as well, and still love my baitcasting and spinnin tackle! Just recently spoiled myself (as everyone has to do once in a while) and bought myself a really nice baitcasting reel, the Abu Garcia Revo STX. Am also planning on pairing it (in time) with one of the brand new Duckett Ghost rods. I checked them out recently at Gander Mountain and let me tell you, the action on the Medium-Heavy was simply AWESOME. Highly recommend if you ever are in the market for a really good rod! I also hope to be filling the Fishing Forum down below with a great year of pics!
Well, now that I've written a wall of text, I'll get going for now. Miss all you guys and the fun we have here, and I really hope I can get things going again. I also hope you are all doing well and have happiness in your lives. I do check here daily still, and hope to hear from you guys. Until then, ya'll take it easy and know I'm watching you guys LMAO!!

Your friend,
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Re: Someone is peeking in....

Postby badger040 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:00 pm

hi Chuck
glad your still around
was only thinking the other day that we had not heard from you in a while
good to hear your enjoying tying your own flies and look forward to seeing your catches
hope its not too long before you have replaced the computer
take care
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