Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

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Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

Postby Scottish Warrior » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:18 pm

Hi All,
Just out of pure Curiosity,I typed in my search box the Above Details,
and was given the Top Ten Rivers,7 we already have Outings for,so I decided to do the 3 we did not have,
and named them as follows,The Scintillating Jamu River Brazil,The Ravishing Hanalei River Hawaii and
The Vibrant Rio Cano Cristales Columbia,(for which I have 2 Outings),I suggest you look up the Rio Cano Cristales
as this is by far the most Exotic River for Underwater Fauna, I have ever seen and I managed to get enough Photos to make
2 by 18 Site Outings,showing this River at it's best,Quiet,Peaceful You may think,but full of Amazonian Species like Piranha,Arapaima,
Tambaqui,Pacu,Sorubim,Pleco,Snook,Redtail Catfish,American Eel,Arowana and Oscar with reports in the Lower Reaches of Bull Shark and Tarpon,
which I will not use in the Outings,be Curious,find the River on the Web,You will be surprised at just how Beautiful it is.
Regards Martin.
I am so glad to be part of this
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