More Tests on Fish Depth vs Scene Depth..Interesting Results

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More Tests on Fish Depth vs Scene Depth..Interesting Results

Postby Yellowstone7 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:31 pm

Hi Everyone:

I got an email from Doc and he said he has been working hard on his Beta outing with scene and fish evolution. I am really looking forward to trying it out as this is a fresh and great idea for RWFF outing creation. He also mentioned that he did some tests with the new "Keep Cruising Fish Close" parameter and said he was losing some fish in the middle of the scene over time. I got really curious and decided to do a test on the relationship of fish depth vs. scene depth settings and the results were quite interesting. It seems all the settings included in the RWFF outing creation software are somehow interrelated. The depth settings are the ones that I am interested in this test.

Basically I was trying to find out whether the depth settings might have something to do with the disappearing fish in the scenes over time.

In the first test I set the depth of the water of the fishing scene at 2 feet but I set the "preferred" depth of the three fish (7 Walleye, 5 Saugeye and 5 White Grunt) at 6 feet. The cruising speed was set at "5" and the fish were very active with this cruising setting. By using these setting I purposely put the fish's preferred depth quite a bit deeper than the available water depth. Below you will see the start scene right after the program has been started and almost all of the 17 fish were showing at various position. With this "depth conflicting" setting all but a few fish remained after a 20 minutes period. Please see the pictures below:

Image Start Scene

After 20 minutes all but 3 of the 17 fish remained:
Image After 20 minutes

My Conclusion
If you set the depth too shallow for the fish preferred depth most of the fish might diasppear into the layers of depth over time.

In Test 2 I set the scene depth at 6 feet and the fish preferred depth to 3 feet. The water here is a lot deeper and the fish preferred depth setting is a lot less than the water depth set for the scene. As I had suspected almost all the fish remained in the scene after a full 20 minutes. Please see pictures below.

Image Start Scene Test 2

Image Test Scene 2 after 20 minutes

I might also add that before I applied the "Keeping Cruising Fish Close=True" patch to the test all the fish would be at the top of the horizon line in about 10 minutes time, or disappeared from the scene with the cruise setting at "5". Interesting and the new patch really works!

The scene depth setting also had an interesting effect on how the fished looked in the scene. In the first test where the water was set at 2 feet the fish appeared much larger than with the depth setting at 6 feet. This is just some wonderful perspective built into the RWFF software. Shallow water, big fish. Deeper water smaller looking fish. Perfect! :lol:

Here I have something for your thoughts. There have been some difference of opinion on the necessity , value, realism and merit of having the new parameter which helped to keep the fish within the scene and might also make the fishing experience more enjoyable for the average RWFF angler. I think when Paul designed the RWFF software he wanted the best realism possible for his software and he spoke at length about the difference of Game vs Simulator in his introduction. I think Paul has done a fantastic job with this software and it is as close to a flyfishing Simulator as he can get it to be. A great job! :lol:

Here is my personal take on the patch. In a real life fishing situation when you fish a small pond, a riffle pocket, or a small pool in a stream. The fish will be easily "spooked" by noise, vibration, shadows, moving objects, unusual movements and the disturbance of another splashing, struggling fish. When you hook a fish in a small piece of water all the other fish will seek safe cover and will be put down and not be feeding for a long time. We all know this phenomena in stream and small pond fishing. Fish have survived for many thousands of years by their keen sense of awareness of danger and self preservation. Most flyfisher would move onto the next likely spot after he hooked and played out a fish and not try to catch another one in the same piece of water, knowing that the remaining fish in the pool would not be biting for a long time, or shall I say the fish have "disappeared" from the scene? I don't know if Paul did this intentionally but this phenomena is included in the RWFF software, and very obvious in Expert Mode. When you catch a fish in Expert Mode, the second fish will take a long time to catch. Sometimes they don't even bite at all. :lol:

What I am trying to say is that the "disappearing fish" might be a creditable and natural phenomena and in some way might even contribute to the realism of an outing when you are fishing for species in a small piece of water.

I would also like to report that the latest V.140 patch will not affect the fishability of previously created outings and render them obsolete. I tried many earlier outings and everything worked just fine. I think this is great as now every outing maker can choose the parameter he wants to use in his own outings to achieve the effects that he wants.

On that happy note, I wish to thank Doc and Paul for coming up with this added feature. I know Doc has spent a lot of time on multiple tests and my hat is off to him for his love and dedication to our game. :lol:


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: More Tests on Fish Depth vs Scene Depth..Interesting Results

Postby wyldechylde77 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:10 am

Great testing there, Stanley, and glad to see this patch came out. Funny thing is, I had suspected that the disappearing fish had at least something to do with selecting too shallow a depth for the outing vs. fish preferred depth, but it was one of those things where I was like "Nah, I'm sure they thought of that already..." LOL!! Shame on me for not bringing it up sooner LOL!! Although things have been slow on the forums and readjusting my personal life, I am looking forward to all the innovations that come out. I will contribute more thoughts myself once things can die down a bit here for me. ;-)
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Re: More Tests on Fish Depth vs Scene Depth..Interesting Results

Postby rwwalleye » Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:17 am

Hi Stanley and everyone,
Excellent observations Stanley. Will help out a lot on my outing. Been tinkering with it a little. Had a problem with 140 v sent Paul email and took care of problem. The update didn't go into the game just settled in on list as a file. Working ok now. Well I've been quiet, got both houses hooked up to city sewers and all done on that part. Tomorrow I'll spend 2 days up north at my aunt's house building a chicken coup for her. Then next week I'll go back on Monday to build a 12 x 24 pole-barn for a couple of horses for her. Hopefully after that I can take it easy do some real fishing and get back to fishing on RWFF. Thanks again for your trials on the new version, It should help out on the new outings and with what Doc and Paul keep doing, this will be one dynamite fishing simulator. I'll have no internet access when I'm gone, I'll get in touch with all of you when I get back. Have a good day.
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