California Kelp Bass Revisited

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California Kelp Bass Revisited

Postby Yellowstone7 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:26 pm

Hi Everyone:

Things have been pretty quiet on the RWFF Forum so I thought I would put up something to wet your appetite a little. Maybe between your real fishing trips and family obligations you will find some time to do a little RWFF fishing as well. :P

The fish of the day is the California Kelp Bass. I have very fond memories of fishing for Kelp Bass in the San Diego area when my son was going to school there. Every Summer I would fly from Hong Kong to San Diego and meet up with Jason and we would spend a couple of weeks fishing for this beautiful fish on the kelp beds there. This fish does not grow very large, a maximum of 28 inches but they are excellent fighter and very aggressive. They can be caught with a variety of lures, flies and baits. We would keep a couple of fish after a day's fishing and we would take them to a local Chinese restaurant called "The House of Huis" and the chef would cook them up for us. It is a delicious fish with a very delicate flavor. I don't eat fish very often but I do like this fish poached, and then fried the Chinese way. Very good table fish indeed! :lol:

As most of you know I tend to produce outings that I have had some fishing experience and knowledge with. Nostalgia, one may say and RWFF is a great way to recall the past and to make it into a virtual fishing experience that I can share with other RWFF members.

Here are some pictures of the California Kelp Bass and a new outing. Soon to come to a theater near you! :lol:






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