Martin's new V.133 Lake Pend Oreille outing

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Martin's new V.133 Lake Pend Oreille outing

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sun May 26, 2013 9:18 pm

Hi Everyone:

Sorry I have been quiet over the last couple of weeks. A combination of over stressed eyes and migrating to a new computer put a damper on my RWFF activities. As some of you may know I just hated new Windows8 OS so I went out and bought a new computer installed with the Windows7 OS. Probably one of the last that you can buy off the shelf with the Windows7 OS factory installed. I am still not totally set up yet but it is getting there.

I visited the Forum tonight and was very pleased that Martin has redone the Lake Pend Oreille outing in V.133. Back in the '60s when I was attending the University of Idaho I was lucky enough to have spend many memorable Summers on this huge fresh water Lake up in the Idaho Pan Handle. Lake Pend O'Reille is one of the biggest, and also deepest lakes in the Northern Western part of United States. It is a huge lake and some parts of it are so deep that it was used as a test station for US submarines during WWII. Idaho is blessed with some of the most gorgeous and pristine outdoors in the US and Pend O'Reille contributes a lot to that. Aside from the usual lake recreational activities it is also the home for some of the biggest Kamloop Trouts in the world. I have lost a lot of fishing equipment during my fishing career but it was on this lake that I lost an entire fishing rod and reel to the big Kamloop Trout. I was fishing the lake one early Spring morning, trolling a streamer fly behind my small fishing boat some fifty feet behind the stern. As I was rowing the boat slowly in a slow but erratic rhythm along the shorelines a huge Kamloop grabbed the fly and took off when it felt the sting of the hook. Before I could drop the oars and react to the sudden strike the huge fish yanked the entire rod out of the boat and took off into deep water. I did get to see the fish just for a brief second or two and believe me, he was very large!

The Lake, as the local residents of Sandpoint, Idaho would called it, is a fantastic fishery for all types of fish. One can catch the warm water species (large mouth bass, perches, sunfish, etc) along the many shallow coves, or fish for the big Lake Trout and the Kamloop in deeper and colder water. I have caught many beautiful Dolly Vardens in the river inlets and those fish are gorgeous when they put on their spawning colors. Yes, I had many great memories of fishing the Lake and I am indebted to Martin for bring some of those memories to life again!

Martin's new outing is beautifully done and some of the scenes appeared almost surreal with the beautiful colors. Fishing is not easy but you will see many risers on some of the scenes. As an outing maker I have come to realize that it is exceedingly difficult to make an interesting Lake outing but Martin has done a superb job with this one. If you want some beautiful and relaxed fishing then you should try this one out. I am sure you will like it. :P

Here are some pictures of the Martin Pend O'Reille outing.






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Re: Martin's new V.133 Lake Pend Oreille outing

Postby badger040 » Sun May 26, 2013 9:30 pm

hi all
will def give this a go
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