A Couple of New Pike videos

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A Couple of New Pike videos

Postby Yellowstone7 » Thu May 02, 2013 10:56 pm

Hi Everyone:

I just upload a couple of new Jumping Pike test videos on Youtube. I also included the new parameter /settings and tackle sized used in these tests. Hopefully someday these will help other fish and outing builders when they set up their own outings for our Forum. The thing to remember is the size and tackle used, and the size of the fish, will have different jumping effects. e.g. smaller fish tend to jump more frequently than the bigger heavier fish and the fish also respond to tackle size quite differently. The outing maker will need to do a lot of testing before he will achieve the correct effects. This is a lot more extra work but I think it is worthwhile as if all is done correctly, the outings will have a different feel and look about them. Please have a look at the new videos here:




I had to redo the scene in the shorter video as the water was too jumpy. :roll:

Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: A Couple of New Pike videos

Postby rwwalleye » Fri May 03, 2013 1:32 pm

Hi Stanley,
Checked out your 2 videos, I thought the first one was the best. Tried sending you 2 e-mails yesterday but they wouldn't go through. Will try again later today. Roger P.S. Excellent job on the videos.
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Re: A Couple of New Pike videos

Postby wyldechylde77 » Fri May 03, 2013 8:12 pm

Hi Stanley,

Likin' what I am seeing so far! We still got a bit to go to get the parameters right, but judging the vids, we're not too far off! Great job buddy! "Liked" as well!
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