The Delgermuron river

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The Delgermuron river

Postby badger040 » Thu May 02, 2013 8:34 pm

hi all
just had a quick foray into Martins latest
very nice scenery,pleasant and relaxing
Fish: 29.34 inch Arctic Grayling from Sw The Delgermuron River Mongolia; Code: DJXPFUPQEEEOI4587FIIUXABWXIVUGWRHMBFVPBVBNWUWXXSMWXPZZYQMIUYV
Fish: 39.25 inch Burbot from Sw The Delgermuron River Mongolia; Code: RJNJWGIPLWMHT8111PLWDBVAUJXNFEHZLDVNXKUEFCYJLNMIRNKJXNXOAPRNX
Fish: 46.30 inch WildCarp from Sw The Delgermuron River Mongolia; Code: NEMTRNRDXSZRO4640KMVHYISGKSBJSUITQCOQIMKXBMVEYYJDWZUUSCOIYFJB
will definitely be back for more
i especially liked this site
as usual another cracker from the SW stables
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