Asian Big Head Carp...A Large Invasive Species

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Asian Big Head Carp...A Large Invasive Species

Postby Yellowstone7 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:14 pm

Hi Everyone:

A while ago Martin sent me a list of interesting fish that he thought I could build for some of the new RWFF outings. I was fascinated with the Bighead Carp as it is prevalent in many parts of Asia and is considered to be a valuable commercial food fish by the Asian people. However this very fish is considered to be a severely undesirable fish in many parts of the US as their immense growth rate and voracious appetite has proven to be too much competition for many of the highly priced local sporting fish species. Therefore the Bighead Carp has gained a reputation as an undesirable Invasive Species in many of the US waterways.

This ugly but delicious (to some people) critter can grow to a length of 57 inches and weight in excess of 145 lbs when growing in ideal habitat. However, in the Mississippi Basin a 40 lbs fish is considered a very large fish. This fish feeds by filtration and is quite difficult to catch by rod and reel. One might try the "suspended bait" method and might have some success. Most often these fish are caught by Bow and Arrow and Snagging and netting. Unlike the Silver Asian Carp these dark monsters are not spooked by moving motor boats and will not jump out of the water. So you will not get a "Jumping Bighead Carp" this time! :P

Here are some pictures of the Bighead Asian Carp.

I will have this fish swimming in a couple of days and will test it before releasing it in the Development Forum for everyone to download. Hope you will have a lot of fun catching the Bighead in some of the new RWFF outings. 8)






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