Geraldro's La Brenne...Beautiful French Country Side!

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Geraldro's La Brenne...Beautiful French Country Side!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:04 am

Hi Everyone:

Our old friend Geraldro just posted three new French outings and I couldn't wait to try them. After resolving an issue with a misnamed fish file the outing opened and I was in for a treat!

One of the things that makes RWFF such a great piece of software is the outing creating feature made available by Paul to its users and members. Here we have flyfisherman and outing creators from all over the world, mimicking and simulating the many fishing conditions available to the fishing enthusiasts. You can fish the freezing waters of Patagonia to the warm waters of Florida and the Philippines and almost everything else in between. Catching fish species that we have only heard about and seen in fishing journals or National Geographics programs . As far as I know no other fishing simulator offers this type of variety and latitude of fishing conditions. We just don't know how lucky we are! :P

La Brenne is not a heart stopping outing in terms of monster catches. It is a beautiful, pastoral and relaxing outing to spend a bit of time with. Here Geraldro showed us some of the great scenes around the French country side that might have inspired the great Impressionist Masters like Renoir and Monet. The scenes are quiet and beautiful and you don't hear jet engines roaring over your head. Here you would want to bring a willowy small flyrod, maybe a cup of warm coffee or a flask of of your favorite drink, maybe even a folding stool for a nice relaxing session of fishing.

The fish are not very big, pretty true to size for La Brenne. Yet you will have fun watching your fly and line drifting over the quiet ripples and occassionally you will spot a fish rising, usually not near where your fly is drifting. Then you pick up the line and make a delicate cast in that direction. If you are lucky you might catch a little Gudgen, or even a small Perch. The troubled Miror Carp is elusive and hard to find but you know there are in there. If you just fished the Big Waves and then try this outing you will appreciate the diversity that I talked above only a few paragraphs ago.

By all means, give this French outing a try. It will put you at peace with your wife, the kids and the world. :lol:

Here are some pictures of La Brenne.








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