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Outing Animation Easy

Postby Pitti » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:28 am

Hello :)

I want let you know, that I've found a nice tool which can used for animating the outing pictures. The best is, that you need only one(!) picture, so that the photograph is very easy.

The tool works using masks, which can be paint on the pic easy. The photo can have up to 6 masks, so that it's possible to paint more than one drift on the picture.
If the picture is ready animated, it can be saved as avi or gif. Then you can use the freeware "Moviesnapshot" to make the 3 pic for the outing from the saved Avi.

I have tried site 4 of oppimax new outing. I must say that there are very better results possible than mines. I have only test it 5 minutes.

Here you can look at oppimax site 4. Download it, rename the original site to S04_old and copy the new S04 into Massimos outing.


The Animating tool is called Nature Illusions Studio and can be found here:


Moviesnapshot can be found here:


Regards Peter

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Postby oppimax » Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:11 am

Well done Peter, :D

that is a very good feature; the animation looks well and it's not "hard" to see for long time fishing the site. 8)

I think we have created a global networking group very efficient! If you have not the solution surely there is another guy who got it! Very nice! :P

Thx a lot! :D

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Postby paul » Mon Nov 05, 2007 1:52 pm

Very interesting- Nice discovery!

I've been thinking about doing something similar. It should be possible to write a tool that would take 1 jpg, plus the depth and current map images, and generate 3 frames moving some of the water area from frame to frame, moving in the directions and speeds determined by the site map. I wouldn't know how good it would look without creating the tool.

But the tool you've found does a pretty impressive job. That's quite encouraging. While shooting multiple frames with a tripod will probably always be the best method, making a 3 image animation from a single photo like that could be a great solution for those times when it's just not possible to shoot from a steady tripod.

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Postby Cutch » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:24 pm

I've had Nature Illusion Studio for a couple years, but never thought of trying it in our game. Good find, Pitti :!:
In fact, I haven't used this program for sometime and forgot I even had it :oops: (Just got tired of using it) It makes wonderful screensavers and animations. :wink:

Example of one the screensavers I created : I found a beautiful picture of a herd of elk by the YellowStone River in Montana. (on the internet.) One bull elk was bugling and had magnificent horns. :shock:

I used Nature Illusion Studio to "Paint" the different river currents different colors. (Each color is a different speed....slow, medium, and fast like Paul has done with the mapcur.bmp's). Then I added an Elkbugle sound wave, and a flock of Candian Geese chattering sound wave. (at different times of course) You can vary the timing on each sound wave much like Paul has done with the OCK Tool. This resulted in a beautiful screensaver that I sent to many of my internet hunting pals. :wink:

Below is an animation I made with Nature Illusion Studios, that I've been using on the hunting message boards I visit. :wink:


This is a wonderful program, but I don't think it will replace the the realism of the real pictures created into animations by the OCK Tool.
(Just my opinion.) :wink:
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