Bonefish...The Grey Ghost, Powerful and Fast Coming Soon!!

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Bonefish...The Grey Ghost, Powerful and Fast Coming Soon!!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sun May 01, 2011 7:05 pm

Hi Everyone:

As you know Paul has provided us with a new RWFF update in which we can adjust the fish fighting strength and stamina. In one of MVDrifter's posts he mentioned a dream fishing trip for Bonefish, Trevalley, etc. I thought what better way to start a new outing than to do one on the Bonefish Flats??

The Bonefish is highly sought after game fish and they are known for their legendary fighting qualities. Every time you hooked one it will inevitably take you well into your backing with many strong surging runs. When my son was young we were fortunate enough to fish for this very strong and interesting fish in the Cayman Islands. Let me assure you that everything you have heard about the Bonefish is true, and sometimes even more! :P

The Bonefish will take an artificial fly readily if the fly has been presented properly and gently without a big splash. This is hard to do as most of the time you will be making some very long casts to a specific fish, or a school of fish. Flies should imitate a small minnow, a shrimp or sometimes even a small squid. Once hooked it will fight for its freedom with a vengeance. Few people will actually eat the Bonefish and most captured fish were released and left to fight another day.

This is a first look at the strong Bonefish which I will include in a new "Bonefish Flats" outing. Please watch out for it in the Development Forum. :P





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