Suggestions for a future contest...

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Suggestions for a future contest...

Postby Cutch » Wed Oct 10, 2007 8:21 pm

Contest name: Steelie-Mania

Catch 3 Steelhead from 3 rivers, Polis, Sheboygan, & Deschutes. (total 9)
A bonus of 10 points for every Steelhead over 32 inches. (90 bonus points are possible)

Catch 1 Salmon from the Highlands River.
Because the Salmon are harder to find, a bonus of 10 points for a Salmon, but a bonus of 25 points if the Salmon is over 30 inches. (You wouldn't get the 10 points too,..only the 25)

Experienced Mode, any rod or leader of your choice, but you must use Streamer Flies. (not one Streamer,..any number you want).

The contest could be modified with different rods, leaders, flies, fishing mode, etc. I don't fish for these large fish with a light tippet like I do for trout. I don't know about you folks but I don't have an hour to play each Steelie or Salmon on a light trout leader. :wink:

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Postby dcarp » Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:00 pm


The next contest will definitely be all about Steelies! We need to work the Dechutes and get it "broke in". Plus, you tied up all them beautiful steelhead flies and need to get them wet!

I've been getting lots of great suggestions about upcoming contests. You all are getting pretty creative with the ideas. I really like them. The only issue is that some of the potential "rules" can't be validated by the codes, but I think this community is made up of honest folks.

For the Fall Season we will be using a new points system. It will all be based on the number of participants. For example: if we get 12 participants, the winner gets 12 points, 2nd gets 11 points, 3rd 10 points etc. down to 1 point for last place. This way, if a person happens to miss one contest in a season (work / family obligations, etc.) the won't find themselves 10,000 points behind in the standings.

As I discovered in the last contest, there's a lot of potential for tie scores. Using the "Challenge Mode" of the game helps out there a lot.

Keep submitting those ideas folks and Peter and I will do our best to fits it all in!

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