Our biggest wishes for a new version

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Our biggest wishes for a new version

Postby Pitti » Wed Sep 05, 2007 9:51 pm

Hello :)

I think it's a good idea to collect the biggest wishes from the user for a future new version of RWFF.

So I begin:

1) My biggest wish is the online modus. I do not mean that every player are visible, but a simple chat-system at the top or the bottom of the game-window. Player can talk and the text window shows every current catch from every player. A catch-log could save all datas for later analysis (contests). Funny live contests would be possible. Any online-catch could be save automatic at the highscore list, also if the player are alone online.


2) Online highscore. The user could click "Check Highscores" and if the own catch is bigger, the system save it into the list for this species.

3) Please support for decimal inches. E.g. 18.07 inches for Browntrout would avoid many ties.

4) Boston Bobs idea about "save as" at the challenge mode is great. I often missed it.

5) Challenge Mode: Implant the size of leader and hook into the calculation would be also great. A x8 leader should bring more bonus points than a x1 leader.

6) "Save as" at the Tying part of RWFF for later editing I would like also.

Please feel free and post your ideas. I think Paul is very interested what do you think.

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Postby paul » Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:29 am

Yes, I'm certainly interested in any suggestions for future versions or updates to the current one. Those are some great ideas, and I'll look into what it would take to do the on-line stuff.

One version I've been thinking about would focus more on fly fishing instruction. It would be a complete course on the sport, explaining the equipment, terminology, techniques, etc., of course with lots of on-stream practice. For instance, in teaching a reach-cast (reaching the rod to one side at the end of the forward stroke to lay some line upstream for a longer drag-free drift when casting across the current) it would bring you to a site where that technique is helpful, explain it, demonstrate it, then have you try it. Get it right a few times and you advance to the next lesson. There could probably be over 100 such lessons, covering all sorts of things I wish I'd been taught sooner. Throw in a variety of entertaining challenges and some free fishing just for fun.

What I'd like to know is how many people would want a virtual fly fishing course like that?

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Postby oppimax » Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:26 am

Ciao! :D

Paul, thanks for this opportunity you give us!

Talking about wishes....."never say never".....

1) all Pitti's suggestions are OK
2) very interresting a Tutorial (for fishing and tying)
3) a function to create outings and materials
4) a function to choose rod and line color during the game (the color of the water is quite different in the outings); 10 colors in the function and every color in off-line mode (changing the color.txt)
5) a saltwater flyfishing outing
6) an easier fly box organization; for example adding "my favorite flies" or the possibility to create personal directories
7) RWFF for Pocket PC
........I'll think about some little more wish!

Bye :wink:
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Postby dcarp » Thu Sep 06, 2007 4:28 pm


I for one really like the idea of a fly fishing tutorial, being a self taught caster. Never had any formal "training", just bought a rod and started fishing. I've watch a few experienced anglers from a distance and learned a few tricks though.

I'd also like the "save" feature on both the challenge outings and in the tying portion of the game. Begin able to pull up an existing fly and edit would be nice as well. Of course you don't get any "Do-overs" in the real world while fishing, but there have been times i've spent days working on a fly - stripping off wings, hackles, etc and re-tying.

Creating our own outings tops my wish list - at least a list of the applications, utilities and a tutorial for the do-it-yourselfers. The outings available are great, but the ability to fish a "home" water would be nice and additions like the last highlands site make the game so much more enjoyable. Being able to fish in a place you'd never be able to visit in real life is something.

Pitti's idea for an online colaborative fishing is interesting. This community of users are a great bunch of people and being able to share a river could be a lot a fun. His other ideas are really good as well - decimel fish sizes, bonus for rod/leader sizes, etc. Oppimax's suggestions are very good as well.

Maybe this is an off-the-wall type of suggestion, but I'd like to suggest a slightly different method for choosing an outing. How about a USA Map (World Map once there are more outings) when the user clicks a region of the country to fish, then clicks down to the actual site. After seeing some maps in the clubhouse library's River Guide, I realized that I didn't know where a lot of the places were located. The photos of the locations and breif description could still be utilized and maybe "pop-up" as you mouse-over a location.

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Postby taupo_tiger » Sat Sep 08, 2007 6:27 pm

hello to all,


in order to give you an honest feedback - i have a game cause i like to play
i like fishing therefore i have a fishing game

i would like an online contest possibility

i would not like a game as a teacher, therefore i would not want a casting tutorial

rwff is relaxation indoor, real fishing is relaxation outdoor

this only to show you: 2 fishermen = 3 opinions gggg

let´s have fun with this game - if a few functions do not find my interest, maybe some others will like them

all the best from vienna,
taupo tiger
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