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Postby Pitti » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:11 pm


I can understand your frustration, but I try to change the rules every contest, so that every guy can find their individual challenge. This time it is really hard, but some of the members really enjoy the current challenge, because of it's reality. Of course I have to say, I havn't know it before, that this time it will be soo hard. :oops:

Paul's hints are very useful. You have to be very, very carefully at the Lewis River. DCarp gave the right tips. And it's a little bit like the old salmon saying "1000 cast for one strike". But if you get it, it will be the greatest indescribable feeling and you can't sleep the following night! :D

I promise, the next contest will be again an easy level.

Anyway I recommend to send the score, because it will add to the "Alltime Score" at the clubhouse. Why the points give away?

Regards Peter
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Postby taupo_tiger » Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:57 pm

hello to all,

concerning lewis river:

it akes time, that is correct

my (modest) advice:
2 weight rod 10 long leader
use a heavy streamer - no matter which one - size 12 - 16 is ok

vary only split shots and line (2 floating /sinking) from site to site
site one - sinking 3 shots
site two - floating two shots
site three - floating three shots
site four - floating 1 shot
site five floating one shot, max 2 shots
site six is an exception - sinking three shots and the heaviest bait you can find (cutch´s crayfish for example) the shortest leader, and the fish is right at your feet in the whirling water

i do know there are many ways to the end , this one was my way
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