Thoughts on Future Development

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Thoughts on Future Development

Postby Kaldi » Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:45 am

First let me congratulate everybody on an realistic Fly Fishing Sim.

Next a few points for discussion.

Previously, it has been discussed that a copy facility should be incorporated into the Outings screen. Would it be an idea in the future to be able to send the results electronically so allowing automatic inclusion into a database giving electronic checking that no rules of a competition have not been broken, updating of the current standings held in the clubhouse, etc. (Possible network competitions could also be available which could be real time)

Is it possible to develop a system, whereby the anglers can not only select a stretch of water but also choose the season allowing a whole range of flies to be used on each stretch of water.

Again thanks for the software now I can spend many an hour fishing with no complaints from the wife, well minimal complaints at least.
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