Challenge competitions: Final results

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Challenge competitions: Final results

Postby paul » Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:06 am

Here are the winners of the recent challenges. Remember that once someone has won, their scores are not counted for subsequent challenges.

Dogwood River:
Kerrye for the highest score uneffected by a potential bug
Sean82 for the highest score and identifying the bug effecting the score
Rodeo for the highest qualifying score after the bug fix

Mississippi River:

Raccoon Creek:
William Feltham

8X Brown Trout:

I'll be in touch with each of the winners to arrange for shipment of a free copy of the new Third Edition. For those who have purchased it you can use your free copy as a gift for a fishing buddy or have your purchase price refunded - your choice.

Congrats to all! The winning scores and many near-winners posted during the competitions really astound me. Well fished!

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