Alvaro caught my released fish!! Pretty funny!

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Alvaro caught my released fish!! Pretty funny!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:25 pm

Hi Alvaro and All:

This is really funny. Welcome back Alvaro. I was kind of worried about you for a while. Glad to see you back and catching big fish again. It is funny that you caught exactly the same fish as I did, right down to the mm. Nice catch.

What size of leader did you use to catch this fish? I used a 3X leader. I thought I read somewhere that if the fish size is the same, the smaller leader wins? Richard will have to set us straight on this one. If the leader size were the same, the earlier submission wins? :lol: :lol: It really doesn't matter, it was fun catching this fish. Would be interesting to hear what the "official" ruling would be on this one.

Great challenge score, the big fish at the end did it. Nice job and congratulations.



Fish: 35.43 inch tiger trout from BD_Farletonview Big Pond1; Code: LPYENYDRMWADOYUKDBOEYCLYQRDWSHFGMUVNCHXTHJ

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Re: Alvaro caught my released fish!! Pretty funny!

Postby Barns » Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:03 pm

Hi Stanley

According to What Richard told me goes on lightest leader and date it was submitted to him. So don't hang about get your fish recorded. You will have to update to V126 as there is now a new fish code.

This allows Richard to work out what fly, leader and where caught. We tried it last night works great.


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