Martin's Great Montana Releases!! WOW!

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Martin's Great Montana Releases!! WOW!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Mon May 25, 2009 5:33 pm

Hi Martin and Everybody:

What an exciting week for new and "real outings" releases!! We could call this the RWFF Montana week as you have done so much to pay tribute to some of the legendary trout fishing waters of Montana. Montana has over 5000 miles of Blue Ribbon trout stream and is a nice destination and escape for all the avid fisherman from across America and sometimes the world. Most fisherman drive or fly there, while others come into Montana in their private jets during the summer fishing months. Many visitors are well known business tycoons, a few politicians and public figures, and many Hollywood celebrities have chosen Montana as their escape from the big cities and their money hungry agents. Fishing success is not guaranteed by any means but everyone has a good excuse to be there!!

On a trout stream there is no distinction of wealth, fame or statue. The wise and good fisherman with the right fly and the perfect cast will catch the fish. There is certainly more fairness in the fishing world than the more practical world as we know! :D :D Hey, isn't that Peter Fonda, or one of the Bridges brothers over there in that pool?? At the small but nice local grocery store you might even run into a plaided shirt, blue jeaned, gray haired gentleman in cowboy boots and he might turn out to be Ted Turner. Awww, Montana, a wonderful, fascinating, laid back place with lots of pleasant surprises. Wait, hang on a minute, let me go and talk to Jacklyn Smith over there. :D :D

The variety of water available for fly fishing in Montana is no less incredible. From the gin clear, smooth and slick waters of some famous (and some unknown) Spring Creeks to the deep and fast corner riffles, and crashing torrents of the big Yellowstone, one is free to choose and experiment with his skills and equipment at will. You can actually fish both extreme kinds of waters in one day and on the same trip. Take a size 8 rod, 7 weight line for the Yellowstone and go down to your favorite vintage Winston or Orvis bamboo rod in size 3 or 4 for the Spring Creeks. Large flies are used on the Yellowstone during the summer months. Attractor dry fly patterns like the Royal Wolf, Humpies, Hair winged Trudes are popular in size 10 and 12. On the Spring creek you might need to match that tiny olive dun in size 18 and many times even smaller. How about a size 26 Jasid? Not many of us can thread the tiny leader into the tiny hook eye anymore. :D :D

Many of Montana Spring Creeks actually empties into the larger rivers. If you do your fishing on the Yellowstone with a high bowed river boat, known as the Mackinsey boat, you would flow down the river and execute very precise and correctly timed casts to the shores of the bank where the water is "live" and the fish are holding. Then you would come to the point where some Spring Creeks join the bigger Yellowstone, you would stop the boat and walk up and fish the tail of the Spring Creek provided it is not marked off as "private property" by the owner. The water of Montana is actually State owned. As long as you stay in the water all will be fine. Once you step on private land you might be escorted off for traspassing. Sometimes politely and sometimes not. All Montanans have guns and most have dogs. Not a good situation at all.

If you fished the Yellowstone and had a great guide like Ray Hurley, with a Masters degree from the University of Chicago Business School, and who also used to be a Drill Sargent, he would yell at you, in no uncertain terms, if you stray from your target of, " no more and no less than one foot from the bank." When properly executed this cast might produce a nice rainbow, or brown trout of some 20 plus inches. No, you don't get a pat on the back from Mr. Hurley for catching and landing the fish in the ultra fast water. Most likely he would still be yelling at you for taking the time to reflect on your last catch and just missed a huge brown that boiled right under your fly. How I miss the Yellowstone and Ray Hurley. If there were ever "Golden Days of Trout Fishing" it must have been in the '70s. After all this excitement, you would pull the boat upon a sandbar and and have a great lunch while listening to the rhythm of the river and the wild birds......Hey, see that family of deer over there in the upper bend? Man, this is the life. :D :D

As Martin has done all the great work and I have done nothing but enjoy, I thought I would write up something about Flyfishing in Montana for your information and enjoyment. This is precisely what makes this Forum unique from others. It is the friendship, the cooperation, the sometimes friendly but fierce competition and sets us apart from many other similar forums. It is good to be here!! Thanks guys!! :D :D

Best regards and enjoy fishing Martin's Montana outings.

Stanley (Yellowstone7)
Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: Martin's Great Montana Releases!! WOW!

Postby Scottish Warrior » Mon May 25, 2009 6:13 pm

What an awesome tribute to what must be a life changing experience , one can almost feel the peace and tranquility which would surround you and then the heart pumping moment of contact with the fish,Thank you Stanley for your words so perfectly written and may your memories come flooding back. Regards Martin.
I am so glad to be part of this
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