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Site photography guidelines

Postby paul » Sun Jan 07, 2007 5:11 am

I've posted about doing site photography in other threads, but just to put all the important points in one message:

Anyone interested in photographing locations to add to the game should read our guidelines document for instructions. Here's the link to the guidelines:

Nothing in the guidelines is especially difficult, but it's important that the instructions are followed or the pictures may not work with the game.

Our policy for submitted site photographs is:

Anyone is welcome to shoot new outings, whether you own the full version or just have the demo version.

Contact me to submit your pictures and we'll use them to build a new outing for the game. If you don't want to reveal the real name or location of the water, that's fine. If you like we'll use a made up name to avoid giving excessive attention to your little-known real-world hot spot.

All outings from submitted photographs will be made available as free add-on downloads. These add-ons will work with any full version of the game, but not the demo. We might ask for your permission to include your pictures on CD versions as well, but even if we do we'll keep it available to download for free.

If we use your pictures to produce an outing (and we intend to if the pictures are taken according to the guidelines) we'll give you credit for your work and give you a copy of the current full version (which you can give to a friend if you already have it) and a free copy of all future editions of Real World Fly Fishing.

That's it. So grab that camera and share some pictures of your favorite waters! So far Kerry Evans has provided an excellent high mountain stream in Colorado, and The Duke (now serving as our web forum moderator in West Virginia) has submitted a bass and panfish pond reflecting beautiful fall colors. That outing is integrated - I just need to fine tune a few settings and upload it, so watch for that one to be available soon!

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